Participatory Youth Radio.

Uganda has the world's youngest population with over 78 per cent of its population below the age of 30. With more than 200 radio stations, Radio continues to provide great opportunities to communicate with young people who are also the majority radio consumers in Uganda. Despite the opportunity, the Majority of radio presenters are young adults talking to young people and not with them or even letting them speak for themselves. Radio presenters assume that young people are only consumers of music and entertainment and are less interested in participating in conversations about unemployment and other social ills that affect them. The Concept of Youth Participatory Radio presents an opportunity to media students and practitioners to use Radio formats that engage youths in conversation about issues affecting them and their communities.

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This is a self-directed course designed by the Media Challenge Initiative  The course has been crafted and structured to give you an experience of the Participatory Youth Radio Training in the Inter-University Media Challenge that we have carried out in the journalism schools across Uganda for the past 3 years. However, MCI has been unable to conduct Face2Face training at the different Universities and Institutions of higher learning, due to lockdown and social distancing measures taken by the Government of Uganda to curb spread of the novel Coronavirus disease.


  • Understand the concept of youth Radio
  • Know Youth Radio Formats
  • Understand the Planning and production of Radio features 
  • Recording and Interview Tips
  • how to edit radio features using a computer and a mobile phone


  • Understanding Youth Participatory Radio
  • Youth Radio Formats
  • Mini-Feature:Planning & Production, 
  • Scripting for Radio Features
  • Recording and editing mini-features
  • Editing radio features using a computer and a mobile phone

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